SmCo Magnets

SmCo Magnets

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SmCo5 Magnets

SmCo1:5 magnet is also named SmCo5.Prorated with metallic samarium, cobalt and metallic praseodymium , are firstly those roughcasts with different properties and grades after series technology processing from melting, milling, and pressing to sintering in order. The (BH) max range is from 16 to 25, maximum working temperature 250°C. The physical character and ductibility of SmCo5 is better than Sm2Co17, so SmCo5 is slightly easier to be machined thin thickness disc or ring wall and complex shapes while Sm2Co17 is more brittle. Magnetization magnetic field of SmCo5 is lower than Sm2Co17’s. In general, SmCo5 can be magnetized saturated by 4000Gs magnetic field, however, magnetizing Sm2Co17 with high Hcj value need more than 6000Gs magnetic field. These days, prices of rare earth materials improved significantly, and the level of rare earth material around the magnet is up to 40%. For these reasons, the price of SmCo5 is more expensive than Sm2Co17. According to different using circumstance, customer can choose SmCo5 or Sm2Co17 reasonably.

Sm2Co17 Magnets

SmCo2:17 magnet is also named Sm2Co17. Prorated with metallic samarium, cobalt, Copper, iron and zirconium, are firstly those roughcasts with different properties and grades after series technology processing from melting, milling, pressing to sintering in order. The (BH) max range is from 20 to 32, maximum working temperature 350°C. Sm2Co17 bears a extremely low temperature coefficient and preferably anti-causticity. In high-temperature conditions, the magnetic properties is better than NdFeB magnets, As a result, it’s widely used in fields such as aeronautics and space, national defense and sensors. As a result of great brittleness of Sm2Co17 materials, it is not suitable for complex shapes and thin thickness disc or ring wall.Due to this character, there may be some appearance defects such as small chips during production, inspection and magnetizing process. However, it would not change its property; we consider them as qualified product. Magnetized SmCo products must be picked up carefully and gently during assemble process and kept away from ironware to avoid mutually attracting, causing chips and cracks. Sm2Co17 magnet is not easy to magnetize saturated, therefore, clients must be familiar with magnetization energy of their own magnetization equipments, to the effect that appropriate grade would be chose and products of company can be fully saturated.

SmCo Materials Properties


Note: Due to the fast development of technology, the performance index may be adjusted accordingly, clients need to follow the latest version in addition to the above grades, our company also can produce special performance for customers. Welcome!

SmCo Demagnetization Curves

SmCo Physical Properties

SmCo Magnets compare to others

SmCo Magnets Beneficial advices

(1)Sintered SmCo Permanent Magnetic Materials have the character of brittleness, lacking of the ductility; So it isn’t suitable for using as structural part when being designed. The Physical Specifications of SmCo(1:5) is better than SmCo(2:17) because SmCo(1:5)is easy to machine while SmCo(2:17) is more brittle. SmCo permanent magnet magnetized must be picked up carefully during process of assembling, avoiding ironware to prevent absorbing mutually and the magnets broke off, or two slices of magnetic irons cause damage resulted in absorbing together. Besides, it will even cause body-hurt.
(2)Sintered SmCo permanent magnetic materials would make some slight collision in the process of producing, packing and delivering. So there may be have some visual flaw owing to a bit small horn. However, it wouldn’t damage its magnetic specifications. Its stability and its anti-degenerated magnetic ability as long as its flaw doesn’t affect normal construction or functions.
(3)Clients who require non-magnetized SmCo permanent magnet must be acquaint with self-magnet equipments for the purpose of completely satiate and magnetize our products or codes.
(4)If the designed products are in sour alkali or worse applying environments. Our company may provide products of Zn, Ni, Gold or wreath oxygen plated. We feel very graceful for your applications. Welcome to fax or make email consultation. We are pleased to help you with all problems of the techniques. We all work hard trying to provide you SmCo permanent magnetic materials with top-quality and low-price.

SMCO magnets technologies and advantages,

1, For SmCO magnets we have most advanced production and inspection equipment.
2, The SmCo magnets could be produced in Max. blocks 120mmX120mmX100mm with full magnetization.
3, The SmCo magnets could be offered by batch production for high grade YXG-32 with BHmax >=29MGOe
4, The SmCo magnets could be mass produced with high stable performance and high HK (HK>=18KOe).
5, The SmCo magnets could be produced through axial with many poles.

SmCo Magnets Special Magnetizing in many poles

SmCo Magnets Magnetization within 2 degrees

SmCo magnets could be offered the magnets with deviation less than 2degree between mechanical axis and magnetic axis.

SmCo Magnets shapes


Sintered Samarium Cobalt Magnet (SmCo) is characterized by high magnetic properties, outstanding thermal stability and excellent corrosion resistance ability. These characteristics make SmCo the ideal material in applications like aerospace ,microwave parts ,auotmobile parts, meters ,servo-motors, pump couplings, radar and sensors, particularly where the magnet is required to work at high temperature in a corrosive environment.


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